My intention is to paint with archetype fields of light and colored shapes, metaphors vaguely common to us all but hidden in that unfamiliar field near our outer edge: to bait your senses to your own mystery and to keep it new at each encounter by supplying a vast range of possibilities. To compose something mysteriously familiar that seems to change at each encounter but is actually just you being your our own creator.

Be Bop - Craig Brigham - 34 in x 24 in

Our brain constructs reality each second from input we sense around us. From that totally abstract field of stimulus we are essentially creating or projecting ourselves by reacting to that complex field of our senses. For example, music is abstract sound organized, composed into form.

Music is a purely abstract form in sound that I use in early stages of composing a painting to trigger right brain domination. The music might be reflect later in the title as in the recent paintings We’re Jets from West Side Story or Be Bop.

–Craig Brigham

Our words are sound symbols, common metaphors that allow us a language to marginally share our reality with each other. However, our metaphors will vary because our reality filters are different. In this way, of filtering specific meaning, we each keep our own version on reality.